David Gonzalez | The Carnival of the Animals
Storyteller, musician, poet, actor, writer and music therapist, David Gonzalez, is a one-of-a-kind artist. He is the creator of many stage productions
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The Carnival of the Animals
The Carnival of the AnimalsSaint Saëns’ classic is made anew for contemporary young audiences by two masters of their craft.

Frederic Chiu – piano
David Gonzalez – original poetry

A dazzling performance of the piano transcription by Frederic Chiu, with funky family-friendly poetry by David Gonzalez that gives The Carnival of the Animals a new twist.

The Tortoise, The Swan, Wild Horses and the rest of the marvelous musical menagerie are reborn with the Chiu/Gonzalez performance. Using the music as a source of inspiration David Gonzalez shapes a uniquely delightful path into the lyricism of Carnival of the Animals where each poem is embodied with a direct sense of Saint Saëns’ music.

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The Carnival of the Animals – Poster (pdf)