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Storyteller, musician, poet, actor, writer and music therapist, David Gonzalez, is a one-of-a-kind artist. He is the creator of many stage productions
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Are you looking for a Keynote speaker or a presenter for your next event. David Gonzalez has over a decade of experience in giving public addresses and keynote speaking.

chopra2David Gonzalez speaks with courageous humanity and brilliant creativity – his poetry and stories uplift the spirit and inspire wonder.”
– Deepak Chopra

As long as David Gonzalez is around, the venerable art of storytelling is in safe hands. He has the gift of creating magical worlds and drawing his audience into them.”
- The New York Times

otto2David Gonzalez is an extraordinary speaker. He shares unforgettable life lessons, capturing head and heart through his magical stories and poetry. Our conferees loved him!”
– Charlotte Otto – VP, Proctor and Gamble

Picture a New York Puerto Rican version of Bill Cosby or imagine what Garrison Keillor would be like if he'd been raised in a Latino neighborhood and you'll have a sense of what Gonzalez does.
- The Courier-Journal

Award-winning storyteller/musician/poet/actor and educator Dr. David Gonzalez was nominated for a 2006 Drama Desk Award for The Frog Bride presented at Broadway’s New Victory Theater. Corporate leaders, college students and young people alike are enthralled with David’s passion, storytelling and life lessons. Companies such as JP Morgan Chase and Proctor and Gamble bring this powerful speaker and performer to their events.

Mr. Gonzalez has created numerous productions including the critically acclaimed ¡Sofrito!, MytholoJazz, Double Crossed (commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution), As If The Past Were Listening, The Secret of the Ceiba Tree, Finding North, and City of Dreams. David wrote Rise for Freedom! for the Cincinnati Opera and Mariel, an Afro-Cuban musical which won the “Macy’s New Play Prize for Young Audiences”.

Mr. Gonzalez’ poetry was featured in Bill Moyers’ documentary Fooling with Words on PBS, and NPR’s All Things Considered. He was the host of New York Kids on WNYC for eight seasons, and has made over 3000 appearances at colleges, businesses, schools, and at many of the prestigious performing arts centers across the country and abroad. Mr. Gonzalez received his doctorate from New York University’s School of Education where he taught for ten years. He climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2006.

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Dr. Gonzalez can create custom programs tailored to the client or organization’s specific needs.

Confluence Model of Storytelling©

Dr. David Gonzalez

Confluence – “A flowing together of two or more streams, a point at which streams combine.”*

The Confluence Model of Storytelling was created by David Gonzalez to teach his style of multi-modal performance. In this model the four distinct elements of communication; language, voice, gesture, and imagination, are seen as independent “rivers” which flow together – Confluence.

To enrich communication with imaginative confluence in order to create messages that stick.

Training Objectives

1. Participants will understand the theory and content of the Confluence Model of storytelling.
2. They will advance their ability to be expressive within each of the four expressive areas.
3. They will be able to combine these elements into more complex, layered communications.
4. They will be able to apply these to the telling of a classic story within small groups.
5. They will be able to apply these to a story relevant to their professional needs.
6. They will demonstrate an increased ability to establish and sustain rapport with their audience.
7. They will identify and label elements of the Confluence Model as seen in David Gonzalez’s storytelling performance.

In the training module we first work to identify and enhance each expressive modality and then work to bring these streams into combination – i.e., to learn how gesture and voice flow together to intensify a narrative.

This is accomplished through:
1. Vocal exercises
2. Physical expression activities
3. Playing with the poetics of language
4. Releasing the imagination through interactive games
5. Combination exercises

Parallel Elements
1. Story structure
2. Memorization techniques
3. Building tension/release
4. Humor
5. Timing
6. Audience observation

Five Elements of the Riverbed
The “riverbed” through which the creative waters of the Confluence Model flow is comprised of five essential elements: intent, rapport, commitment, detachment, and compassion.

Training Goal
The Training Module
1. Clear intent – What is the purpose of the telling? What does the story say which you want to tell?
2. Rapport with the audience – Is there a feeling of trust? Will the audience “go there” with you?
3. Personal commitment – Are you behind this mission? Are you willing to put your creative intelligence into it?
4. Personal detachment – Can you set your ego aside from the performance so that the story can stand?
5. Compassionate action – How do tolerance, acceptance, and inspiration figure into your performance?

Take Home
Participants will receive:
1. The definition and design of Dr. Gonzalez’s Confluence Model
2. Exercises for continued practice
3. A bibliography of storytelling resources

Mr. Gonzalez’s DVDs and CDs are available for participants.

* Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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