David Gonzalez | Aesop Bops!
Storyteller, musician, poet, actor, writer and music therapist, David Gonzalez, is a one-of-a-kind artist. He is the creator of many stage productions
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Aesop Bops!


David Gonzalez & The Yak Yak Band

A Feast of funky, physical storytelling!

The Yak Yak Band rocks, and rolls out the red carpet, so kids can join in the fun. Aesop’s Classic Stories.


David Gonzalez & The Yak Yak Band

The Lion and the Mouse
What I Can Do – written by David Gonzalez and Derrik Jordan
The Fisherman and His Wife
The Turtle’s Shell

music composed by Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly – keyboard

Dave Hertzberg – bass

Chris Michael – drums






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