David Gonzalez | Hispanic Heritage Month – Award-Winning Speaker David Gonzalez
Storyteller, musician, poet, actor, writer and music therapist, David Gonzalez, is a one-of-a-kind artist. He is the creator of many stage productions
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Hispanic Heritage Month – Award-Winning Speaker David Gonzalez

RainArt Productions
July 2017 
“David Gonzalez speaks with courageous humanity and brilliant creativity – his poetry and stories uplift the spirit and inspire wonder. “Deepak Chopra

“David Gonzalez is an extraordinary speaker.  He shares unforgettable life lessons, capturing head and heart through his magical stories and poetry.  Our conferees loved him!”

Charlotte Otto – VP, Proctor and Gamble 

Corporate leaders, college students, and young people alike are enthralled with David Gonzalez’ passion, storytelling and life lessons. 

This is why companies such as

 JP Morgan/Chase and 

 Proctor and Gamble  

 and colleges such as

 Monmouth University 
 Michigan  State University and
 Luther  College

 … hire Dr. Gonzalez
  for team-building events,    corporate retreats, keynote   presentations, and more.

“As long as David Gonzalez is around, the venerable  art of storytelling is in safe hands.  He has the gift of creating magical worlds and drawing his audience into 


New York Times 

“I was in awe of your keynote at the American Alliance of Theater and Education (AATE) conference.  You wove your traditions, philosophies and experience into your address, stories and performances – taking us all on a unique journey and a very refreshing and exhilarating one at that.” 
Betsey Baun 
Exec. Director SE Theater Conference 


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David Gonzalez delivers engaging Keynotes / Workshops / Performances
“With speech, sound, and above all, inspired imagination, Mr. Gonzalez has the gift of creating magical worlds and drawing his audience into them.”     New York Times

Acclaimed performer and public speaker David Gonzalez, shares the riches of Hispanic culture through his poetry and stories.  The content of this presentation features a rich variety … from ancient myths to personal sagas, to his compelling poetry about a Latino determined to shape an authentic identity and a creative life.  David has a special gift for communication and he offers a fresh vision of contemporary Latino culture rooted in soulful mythology and poetic imagination.  All audiences come away inspired, informed, and energized.  


Latin jazz meets spoken word in a production exploding with passion, intelligence and energy. A quartet of New York’s hottest players sets the compelling poetry like a diamond in a mambo/funk music box.  Gonzalez’ silken baritone voice rings deep and true, filling his verses with warm humanity and funk. 
“Inspired and wonderfully evocative” Orange County Register
¡Sofrito! is a rousing combo of storytelling, classic Mambo and grooving new music that delightfully brings the stories and music from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and da’ Bronx to the stage. These tales bring to life the rich culture and imagery that resonates through the Latino world.  The Latin Legends Band spices up the mix with hot music played by the some of the Grand Masters of the genre. ¡Sofrito! engages all audiences with tons of participation in its songs and dances.
“Rousing!” New York Times
“Delicioso!” El Diario/La Prensa 


Cuentos: Tales from the Latino World

Cuentos paints a vivid picture of the people and rich cultures of the Spanish-speaking world with colorful tales from the Caribbean, South America, and the Bronx. From  Puerto Rican creation stories to the mysterious dealings and powers of the Orishas in a suite of Afro-Cuban myths, these tales are filled with memorable characters, fantastic plots and positive messages.  Cuentos captivates all audiences and with solid entertainment and a refreshing window into the magical and marvelous world of Latino folk literature.

David Gonzalez received his doctorate from New York University’s School of Education with a specialization in Music Therapy.  He is a Cultural Ambassador for the U.
S. State Department and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from International Performing Arts for Youth, and is a Joseph Campbell Fellow. Mr. Gonzalez received a Drama Desk Nomination and has done 5,000+ appearances at colleges, businesses, schools, and at many of the prestigious performing arts centers across the country and abroad.  David has created numerous critically-acclaimed productions including: ¡Sofrito!, MytholoJazz, Double Crossed(commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution), and many more, while also writing for the Cincinnati Opera and appearing on PBS and NPR’s All Things Considered.  His newest play “The Man of the House”was commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.   

Currently Mr. Gonzalez is the Artistic Director of the Crisalida Arts Project – a program of the McCallum Theatre with funding from the James Irvine Foundation. 


Dr. Gonzalez infuses his presentations with intelligence, humor, creativity, and optimism.  He is bi-lingual and has extensive experience working across multi-cultural environments. 


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